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LSEA - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $32.99
LMSEA - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Sea Sounds Floor Game

Players take turns to move around the outer game track. Each time a player lands on a ‘sound’ square he/she must say that sound and then place a counter on a picture on the inner board that contains the same sound. The winner is the first child to place three counters in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The rules are printed on the mat. For more advanced players there must be 4 counters in a row. Then players think of their own word for each sound on which they land. The game is designed to be played by 2 - 4 children and comes complete with 4 movers, dice and 40 counters.

LSIS - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $33.99
LMSIS - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Sounds in Space Floor Game

Each player works his/her way from 'Blast Off' to the 'Sun', forming words by combining the cards they have been dealt with the 'Sound' on which they have landed. Beware! If a word cannot be formed before the 30-second timer has completed its cycle, players must return to their previous position on the space track. A game for 2 - 4 players. It comes complete with movers, dice, timer and 144 laminated cards.

LRT $21.99
Read and Think Floor Game

Who will have the most counters at the end of this exciting game? Turns are taken to move around the pictorial game track, collecting a card to read each time a move is completed. If the sentence on a card correctly relates to the animal or object on which the player has landed he/she may collect counters as indicated. Eg: if I have a tail… collect two counters, if I lay eggs… collect four counters. Read And Think is ideal for the development of comprehension and vocabulary skills. Includes a durable mat measuring 67cm x 50cm, 70 counters, 1 dice, 4 movers and 56 laminated cards.

LBB $25.99
Beat the Bear

Beat the Bear is played in a similar manner to traditional lotto. There will be lots of fun and excitement as children select one card at a time from the top of the deck. If a player picks up a card that matches a ‘single sound’ on his/her board, it may be placed in the correct position. Be careful! Each time a piece of the bear is turned over, it must be put on the bear’s board! Once the picture of the bear has been completed, the race begins in earnest. The bear has now won the game, unless one of the other players can successfully complete his/her board before the remaining cards have been turned over. Beat the Bear will provide a delightful way for beginner readers to reinforce their recognition of the following single sounds - b, c, d, h, l, m, p, r, s, t. Four durable mats, 25cm x 33.5cm. 81 laminated playing cards are included in a sturdy storage bag.

LBF $25.99
Beat the Frog

Simple phonetic words have been used for this delightful rhyming game. Ideal for early readers, Beat the Frog is based on 104 words from the following families - ap, at, ell, en, ing, ip, ock, og, op, ug. Who can complete their board first? One of the three players or the frog? Who will win the game? Played in the same manner as traditional lotto. Four durable mats measuring 25cm x 33.5cm. 81 laminated playing cards are included in a sturdy storage box.

LBE $25.99
Beat the Elephant

Played in the same manner as Beat The Bear, this game is based on the following initial consonant blends - br, cl, cr, dr, gr, sk, sl, sp, st, tr. Children see if they can complete one of their boards before the 12 puzzle pieces of the elephant picture have been placed on the elephant’s mat! Who will win - the children or the elephant? This game contains 81 laminated playing cards, 4 durable mats 25cm x 33.5cm.