Learning Resources

LMS $33.99
Making Stories is Fun Dominoes

Making Stories Is Fun is sure to delight your children as they mix and match the colourful pieces to create amusing sentences, then read, write or print them out on the computer. Four hundred sentences can be made with the wipe clean dominoes, which are printed on a strong 2mm thick placemat material. The forty giant dominoes, each measuring 8cm x 19cm are supplied with instructions in a sturdy box.

LDD - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $29.99
LMDD - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Dinosaur Dance Floor Game

Which dinosaur will arrive home first? As players move their dinosaurs around the path, they must think of words that begin with the sounds on which they land. Introduce or reinforce initial single sounds with this appealing game for 2-4 players. Forty-two initial sound word cards are included for extension activities. Printed on a high quality wipe clean mat, the game comes complete with dinosaur counters, dice and storage bag.

LCIS - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $29.99
LMCIS - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Circus Sounds

Your children can join in the fun of the circus as they take turns to roll the dice and move around the outer game track. Each time a player lands on a 'Sound' square he/she must say that sound, then place a counter on any picture on the inner board beginning with the same letter/sound. The winner is the first child to place three counters horizontally or diagonally. The rules can be modified for more advanced players - four counters in a row, players to think of their won correct ‘sound’ word. Instructions are printed on the mat so they can never be misplaced. Printed on a high quality wipe clean mat. Movers, dice and forty counters are included.

LRATZ - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $29.99
LMRATZ - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Rhyming at the Zoo Floor Game

The children can join in the fun as they move around the zoo practising their rhyming skills. What rhymes with mouse? What rhymes with dog? Rhyming At The Zoo is hand-printed in non-toxic inks on a virtually indestructible wipe clean mat. Instructions can never be lost as they are printed on the game mat for permanent reference. A set of forty-two rhyming cards for extension work. Movers, dice and forty counters are included in a sturdy storage bag.

LSA - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $29.99
LMSA - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Sounds Ahoy Floor Game

Each of these two sets of desk dominoes has forty pieces measuring 9.5cm x 4cm. They have been printed on wipe-clean placemat material, which resists tearing. The children can correctly match 20 ‘sentence beginnings’ and 20 ‘sentence endings’ or they can mix and match the 'beginnings' and 'endings' to create 40 hilarious sentences. The two sets can be combined to create 1600 sentences! Reading skills, including comprehension will be strengthened if the children are encouraged to write/print-out and draw their own illustrations for the funny stories they have made. Desk dominoes are packed in a strong plastic container complete with instructions for use.

LRWB - FLOOR GAME (67cm x 72cm) $29.99
LMRWB - DESK GAME (33cm x 28cm) $12.99
Racing with Blends Floor Game

Racing With Blends is another exciting game designed for group activity, either on a table surface or floor. As they move around the 'Racetrack' even the most reluctant readers will participate in the fun of thinking of words that begin with the consonant blend on which their mover has landed. Printed on a high quality wipe clean mat, this game includes movers, dice, and forty-two word cards for extension work.