Learning Resources

LSRS $23.99
Sound, Read and Snap

Sound, Read and Snap has two sets of 80 laminated cards for group or individual activity. Watch the fun as your children find the eight cards for each of these 20 common sound families, or busy themselves playing Snap, Fish or Concentration. Sound families are: bl, br, ch, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, sh, sk, sl, sn, sp, st, sw, tr, wh. Detailed instructions are included in the strong plastic container with an inner divider for the two sets of laminated cards.

LHSS $23.99
Harder Sounds to Snap

Harder Sounds To Snap will provide plenty of fun for the children as they find the eight cards for each of the 20 ‘Sound Families’ or busy themselves playing Snap, Fish or Concentration. Sound families – ai, ar, au, aw, a-e, ea, ee, er, ey, ir, i-e, oa, oo (as in hook), oo (as in moose), or, ou, ow (as in cow), ow (as in bow), o-e, ur. Contains two sets of 80 laminated cards supplied in a strong plastic container. Teachers’ notes are included.

LDRM $23.99
Read and Match Dominoes

Read And Match Dominoes are self-correcting. This will allow the game to be played without adult supervision. The dominoes are designed for young readers who can both recognise common sight words and form words as they sound and blend single sounds. This game can be used as an individual activity or played in a similar manner to traditional dominoes by 2 - 6 children. The wipe-clean dominoes are 95mm x 40mm and are printed using bright non-toxic inks. They are supplied complete with instructions in a strong storage box.

LDBL $23.99
Sound and Match Dominoes

A practical but fun game that will help young readers to automatically recognise the 'sound' that two consonants make when 'blended' together. The clear instructions provide important picture clues when the children are decoding the words printed on each domino. There are twenty consonant blends featured in this delightful set of dominoes: - bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sn, sp, st, sw, tr, tw. The forty desk dominoes are packed in a strong plastic storage box, complete with instructions.

LDMFS & LDSMS $23.99
Desk Dominoes

Each of these two sets of desk dominoes has forty pieces measuring 9.5cm x 4cm. They have been printed on wipe-clean placemat material, which resists tearing. The children can correctly match 20 ‘sentence beginnings’ and 20 ‘sentence endings’ or they can mix and match the ‘beginnings’ and ‘endings’ to create 40 hilarious sentences. The two sets can be combined to create 1600 sentences! Reading skills, including comprehension will be strengthened if the children are encouraged to write/print-out and draw their own illustrations for the funny stories they have made. Desk dominoes are packed in a strong plastic container complete with instructions for use.

LSMS $33.99
Still Making Stories Dominoes

Each sentence beginning has a correct ending... but the fun begins when the sentences are mixed up! The children can read, write or print out the stories they have created and then draw their own pictures. Four hundred different sentences can be formed! Still Making Stories is at the same reading level as the very popular Making Stories Is Fun - combine your two packs of dominoes and now the children can create an amazing 1600 different sentences! The forty giant dominoes, each measuring 8cm x 19cm are supplied with instructions in a sturdy box.