We attended the Road to Reading program for 2 terms in 2011. My son started Prep this year and has just undergone his numeracy and literacy testing. He performed exceptionally well, above the level that is required. This is thanks to Kate and her wonderful program. It gave us the tools we needed to help him along.

Not only do we have a child who knows the alphabet by name and sound, which has helped him to construct words and read a simple book by week 3 of Prep, but the Road to Reading program has given him confidence in the classroom. Thanks again Kate your classes have proven invaluable - well done
Road to Reading is one of the most amazing programs we have ever encountered. My son Donovan began with Road to Reading when he was only 3 and has completed all three levels over the past three years.

Not only did he look forward to his reading 'class' every week, but he gained invaluable literacy skills and a love of reading - both priceless gifts.

Donovan has just started Prep this year, and although he missed Kate and Road to Reading, he could not have been better prepared. He is a confident and fluent reader who is familiar with many of the literacy concepts just now being introduced to some of the peers in his grade. This has made Donovan's transition to school so much easier and is undeniably thanks to the vital skills taught and reinforced by Road to Reading.

As a family we would highly recommend this energetic and successful program. Thanks again Kate!
Our son attended Road to Reading in 2013 and really enjoyed going each week. This year he started prep and we are amazed at how well he is reading his Readers already. His understanding of the sounds has given him the confidence he needs to really enjoy reading.

Kate has developed a fantastic program and we have her to thank for our sons enthusiasm for reading. We intend to send our second son next year.

My daughter just loved coming to Road to Reading. As she has started school this year, she is really enjoying reading her daily reader.

Our daughter brought home her first reader tonight and was so confident with it. She read it to all of us several times and was very pleased with herself. It is all starting to 'click' for her.

I believe the work she has done at Road to Reading has really contributed to her starting school so confidently. She's familiar with the learning expectations and the type of work they are doing, so she can relax and enjoy the environment.

Thanks again for a great program. I hope we can bring our baby to you in a few years time!
Road to Reading was instrumental in increasing my daughters confidence with letter recognition, phonics and the recognition of small words prior to commencing school. This has resulted in a child who is enthusiastic and happy to complete her prep school reader each night and who is developing a love of books.
Road to Reading is a fantastic program to help children with verbalization and reading skills. My eldest son attended for 2 1/2 years and the progress he made was amazing. It was fun and entertaining and kept my child engaged thoughout the years. He has just started school and loves doing his readers and I believe road to reading has been instrumental in this. My 3 year son is now attending and is loving every minute. Thank you Kate for your awesome work.