Is it possible for my child to learn to read before school?

YES! With a dedicated and consistent approach it is certainly possible to teach pre-school aged children to read. Many children come to school knowing words and understanding the purpose of text. Some can even read short, simple books. Road to Reading prepares children for the process of reading by teaching them pre-reading concepts and the concepts of print.

What are pre-reading concepts?

'Pre-reading concepts' refers to an understanding that spoken and written language is related. It can include many different elements that prepare a child for the process of learning to read. Some aspects include simple knowledge about concepts of print (how books work, that we read the text and that we read from left to right). It also encompasses knowledge about phonics (letter/sound relationships) and phonological awareness (listening to language, hearing sounds in words and rhyming, just to name a few). Pre-reading concepts incorporate everything we teach before we teach reading!

Can I enrol my child in Road to Reading on a trial basis?

You can initially enrol your child for 3 classes to seek an insight into Road to Reading. This initial 3 week cost is deducted from the term fees if your child continues in the program.

Should I focus on teaching my child how to write too?

Generally speaking, a child will learn to read before they write and sometimes this will occur at the same rapid stage. Road to Reading focuses on teaching pre-reading skills to children but it is certainly advantageous to instruct your child on correct pencil grip and encourage pre-writing activities at home.

I'd like my children to learn to read but some people say that I should just let them be kids and that I shouldn't force them to grow up too quickly.

I agree! Children should spend their days laughing, learning and having fun. Thankfully - reading is fun and children can be engaged in enjoyable activities that foster skills in reading without actually knowing that they are involved in learning. Some of the best comments I have heard are from students who tell their parents "We didn't do any learning today. We just played games the whole day!" They were not even aware that all of their 'games' were actually teaching them to read.

Learning to read does not mean that children lose their childhood or the spirit of a child. I don’t know of any parent that stopped their child from learning to walk because they didn't want them to grow up. Reading is a part of life and the earlier children are exposed to this idea the better!

Can my 2 year old really learn pre-reading skills?

Why not? Your 2 year old has already managed to learn so many things and will continue to do so for many years to come. Road to Reading classes are structured in the same format each week to instil a sense of familiarity and the learning activities are presented in a fun manner to engage children.